Residential recording studio in Worcestershire, UK

Residential Recording Studio Live Room

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Neve 8014 Console at Vale Studios
Lomo Valve Microphone
Prophet 10 Synthesizer
AML 1073 Mic Preamp
Control room of residential recording studio.
Scully 280 8-Track Recorder


Wem Dominator Amplifier


Vale Studios has an excellent selection of mic-preamps and outboard,  an enviable  collection of vintage microphones and a versatile room layout,  all hidden away in a Georgian manor house on the outskirts of Pershore, Worcestershire.


Selmer Treble N Bass Amplifier
Kush Electra EQ
Recording Studio Detail 1
RND 551 EQ
Bechstein Grand Piano
LA2 Compressors
Hammond Organ
AKG Studio Headphones
Marshall 4x12 Cab
Park 2x15 Cab
1176 Compressors
Leslie Switch
Recording Studio Rack Gear
DBX 160 Compressor
Studio Microphones
Residential Recording Studio Detail 2
Residential Recording Studio Detail 3
Wurlitzer EP200A Piano
These Go To Eleven
Vox AC30 Detail
Ludwig Recording Studio Kit
Yamaha NS-10M
DBX 165A Compressor
Fender Twin Reverb Amplifier
STC Apple and Biscuit Microphone
Residential Recording Studio Detail 4
Quested Studio Monitor
Residential Recording Studio Control Room 2

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