STUDIO HIRE  -  £375 per day

Clients are normally expected to supply their own engineer for general recording and ProTools duties but Chris (studio owner) is always on site to ensure visiting engineers are familiarised with the studio during initial setup, for setup changes and for general assistance throughout bookings.


As a general rule we try to confine very loud drums to the hours between 9am and 10pm. Vocals, acoustic / electric guitars etc. can be worked on at any hour.


Clients have their own kitchen with fridge/freezer, oven, hob, microwave etc. and buying supplies is easy with a large 24 hour supermarket a five minute drive away. Please talk to us about rates for in-house catering as these are very variable depending on exact requirements.


For bookings lasting ten days or longer, we will tune the studio piano free of charge (if requested). For sessions of less than ten days,  we charge the same rate as our regular tuner.


We do not charge clients of the recording studio to stay in our guest-rooms for the duration of the booking.

We can accommodate a maximum of seven people during bookings. If there are valid (project related) reasons for more than seven people to be here, please speak to us in advance and we will try to assist with extra accommodation.

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